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At The Agopoglu Law Corp., PLC, we are here to handle your civil litigation cases, no matter how complex or simple. The civil courts address disputes between two parties, such as disputes related to business, employment, and contracts. Civil cases also include personal injury claims and torts, as well as non-criminal administrative actions. Our firm is dedicated to aggressively defending your best interests and can do so at competitive rates.

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How Civil Cases Work

We are here to help you navigate every step of a civil case process. It is important to retain legal counsel to ensure you are making the wisest choices and that you understand all of your options.

A civil case includes the following steps:

Pre-filing: The parties involved in a dispute express their terms and attempt to negotiate, preparing for the possibility of going to court.

Initial pleading: If an agreement was not reached privately, one party will file a formal complaint and the other will file a response. This begins the court action.

Discovery: Both sides exchange information and investigate the nuances of the case. The Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer from our firm can be particularly helpful here, as he can conduct through investigation and identify the opposing part’s strengths and weaknesses.

Post discovery/pre-trial: This is the preparation stage before trial, but the parties may choose to settle or otherwise resolve their case. They may also submit modifications to the court regarding which issues they wish to address during trial.

Trial: The case is brought before a jury and judge. Any witnesses and pieces of evidence are presented. The case could end in a single day or last months, depending on how complicated it is. The jury will decide on a judgment.

Post-trial: The winning party attempts to collect what they’ve won, or the losing party may appeal the judgment.

Experienced Legal Guidance for Your Civil Litigation Case

Attorney Berc Agopoglu has extensive trial experience, having been practicing law for 24 years. He is known for facing the most complex cases head-on and fighting for the best possible outcome for his clients. If you are involved in a civil case, turn to our Los Angeles civil litigation attorney for dedicated and effective representation.

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