Immigration Holds are on the Rise

Under President Obama's directives, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are in cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to place an automatic immigration hold on arrested individuals who are either illegal or out of status. For example, if you are arrested for simple first time Drunk Driving and illegal in the United States, after your arrest and processing, you will be transferred to Immigration Detention. While you are in detention, you have the right to seek immigration bail so you get out on bond. Illegal aliens who are eligible for prosecutorial discretion, asylum, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, NACARA or other reliefs can get out of Custody in Los Angeles.

Typical arrest involves County Custody at the downtown Los Angeles Twin Towers Facility at 450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. When county custody time ends, Immigration gets a hold of the arrested person who gets transported to the downtown facility on Alison Street and Los Angeles Street at the basement of the 300 N. Los Angeles Street building. At this point one must act fast, because within 24 hours the detainee either gets transferred to Adelanto Detention Center, Theo Lacy Facility or Irvine Musick Detention Facility or gets removed from the United States.

It is at this time that you need experienced, skilled and top notch attorneys to save you from detention with immigration bond and schedule a court hearing in immigration court so that you can get immigration relief depending on your family traits, country conditions, or other important relevant facts which will ultimately set you for acquiring your residency in the United States.

According to the New York Times report, by Ginger Thompson and Sarah Cohen, under President Obama's administration, two-thirds of the nearly two million removal cases involve people who had committed minor offenses such as traffic violations. Only twenty percent of those removal cases involved serious drug cases or violent offenses. People who have serious cases can get state court reliefs to reduce or vacate their convictions, depending on the facts of each case and qualifications. At the Agopoglu Law Corp., PLC we do handle post-conviction matters as we are experienced criminal attorneys who know the relationship between immigration laws and consequences for a the guilty or no contest plea that causes a predicament for your stay in the United States.