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Obtaining an O Visa

Extraordinary Ability Visas

O visas are a particular type of non-immigrant visa that is reserved for a specific class of individuals who possess extraordinary aptitude in the arts, sciences, business, athletics, or education. In some circumstances, individuals who have obtained and can show a record of extraordinary ability in the television or motion picture industry may also be granted an extraordinary ability visa.

Specific requirements need to be met in order to obtain this type of visa. In order to determine your eligibility to obtain an O visa, contact a Los Angeles immigration attorney from our firm today.

Only a few types of O visas are available; they include:

O-1A Visas

This visa is for individuals who are exceptional in the fields of education, science, or business. It also is offered to athletes who showcase extraordinary ability.

O-1B Visas

Individuals who are extraordinary in the arts, including the motion picture or television industry, may be eligible to obtain an O-1B visa.

O-2 Visas

Artists or athletes who require an individual to accompany them into the country can be granted an O-2 visa. Assistants and only individuals who are integral to the completion of a production will be allowed.

O-3 Visas

Spouses and minor children of individuals who have been granted O-1 and O-2 visas may be able to obtain an O-3 visa to accompany the visa holder.

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